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The first bedSIDE doubleSIDE

Crafty is the new patient cabinet made of high resistance polymer plastic. Available in a variety of colors, it can be placed independently on the right or left side of the bed. It is equipped with a drawer, a door with internal shelf, two bottle holders and supports for the towel.

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Craftymarks a radical change of perspective in the design of the hospital environment compared to all products currently on the market and confirms that each of our solutions is designed always thinking the space around the patient: the drawer and the door are no longer oriented orthogonally to the patient but, in fact, “look at” the patient avoiding unpleasant and sometimes painful twists to reach the drawer or the compartment.

The same attention has been paid to the operator offering a product with ergonomic shapes, free from sharp edges, easy to clean and, above all, versatile because it can be used either right or left of the bed without the need of unsightly and not very functional double doors on both sides of the table.

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